Offense & Fine List

For all violations not listed you must contact the court at 830-875-2115.
  • Speeding: $5 for each mph over posted speed limit + $100.00 court costs
  • Speeding School Zone: $5 for each mph over posted speed limit + $125.00 court costs
  • Disregard Stop Sign or Stop Light: $ 200.00
  • Right of Way Violations: $ 200.00
  • No Driver’s License - 1st Offense: $200.00
  • Driving While License Invalid: $566.00

Seat Belt & Child Safety Seat Violations

  • Adult: $150.00
  • Child to 17 Years of Age: $198.00

Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance)

  • 1st Offense: $366.00
It is a felony to present a falsified or forged liability insurance card to the court


The following offenses may be dismissed if proof of correction and payment of fee is provided within 20 days of violation:
  • Expired Motor Vehicle Registration: $20.00 (must pay late penalty fee at tax office.)
  • Expired Driver’s License: $20.00
  • Defective Equipment: $10.00
  • Display Altered, Unclean, or Obscured License Plate/Registration: $10.00
  • Operate Motor Vehicle Without License Plate or With Only One Plate: $10.00


A conviction of an offense under a traffic law of this state or a political subdivision of this state may result in the assessment on your driver’s license of a surcharge under the driver responsibility program.

The fines listed are amounts acceptable to the court for the convenience of persons who may wish to reply by mail or online instead of in person. The judge or jury sets fines for persons who appear in person or who are convicted at trial and the fines may be any amount up to the maximum penalty provided by law.

Failure to Appear or Failure to Pay

You must enter your appearance or pay the fine and costs on or before your appearance date. If you fail to appear in court for the prosecution of the offense(s) with which you are charged or if you fail to pay or satisfy a judgment ordering payments in the manner ordered by the court, you may be denied renewal of your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Also, if you fail to appear an additional charge may be filed and warrants issued for your arrest with additional fines and fees.