1. Farmer's Market

    Visit some of the local Farmer's Markets to get the freshest produce possible.

  2. Foundation Farm

    The Luling Foundation was established in 1927 by Edgar B. Davis to teach diversity in agriculture and improve the lives of farm and ranch families in Caldwell, Gonzales, and Guadalupe Counties.

  3. Luling Zedler Mill Paddling Trail

    Located on the San Marcos River near the city of Luling, this 6 mile river trail can be floated in 2 - 4 hours. Paddlers will enjoy a gentle family-friendly ride on this quiet river lined with beautiful trees and wildlife.

  4. Oil Museum

    Be sure to stop by the Oil Museum to learn all about the historic relationship between Luling and oil.

  5. Places to Stay & Eat

    Find a place to stay and local restaurants to visit while you're in Luling, Texas.

  6. Watermelon Thump

    In 1954 Hermon Allen, a school principal, proposed the idea of a celebration to honor the growers and promote the Luling watermelon market. A contest was held to name the event and honor was won by a student, Mr. Carol Ferguson. From that time, the Thump has been held the last full weekend in June.

  7. Zedler Mill

    Luling is a true microcosm of what makes Texas great: agriculture, railroad, and oil. It is our intention to interpret the story of the early Luling pioneers, and to educate those visiting this site on the tremendous impact the Zedler Mill and Gin had on the development of the area and community up until the discovery of oil in 1922.

  8. Zedler Pavilion Brochure (PDF)

    Take a look back in time at Zedler Mill, which offers a rustic view of 19th century life.