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Edgar B. Davis South Side Park & Clubhouse


  1. Club House
  2. Picnic Tables
  3. Swimming Pool
Highlights at this location Include: Picnic tables along the San Marcos River. Air Conditioned Club House and Seasonal Municipal swimming pool. The club house is available for event rental.

Total deposit required for rental of this facility is $300 (with $100 due at time of reservation). Rental fees are $100 per day on the weekends (Friday - Sunday) and $50 per weekday (Monday - Thursday).  Full deposit and rental fees are due 60 days before event date.
 Pre-setup fee and hourly rental is also available and is $25 an hour. Maximum occupancy for this facility is 150 persons.

If alcoholic beverages are served (No Glass Containers) you will be required to furnish a Liquor Host Liability Insurance and Security. Security fees are $35/hour per officer, depending on the amount of invitees, 3 officers may be required. 

The Swimming Pool is adjacent to the South Side Clubhouse. Access to the pool is available through the clubhouse, but daily admission fee applies to all who enter during regular business hours. Swimming Pool Private party information can be found here.

Please contact City Hall by phone 830-875-2481 or Email to check the availability for the South Side Clubhouse.