Water Department

The Water Superintendent's responsibilities include the supervision of the staff for the data collected on the city’s master water meters; assisting in the protection and acquisition of water rights, water infrastructure, and transmission facilities; administration of daily operations; monthly reporting of facilities permitted to TCEQ, EPA, and other required governmental entities. The Water Superintendent is also responsible for the supervision of the maintenance and operation of the water system infrastructure. The Superintendent makes recommendations to the director of public works for improvements, replacements, and upgrades as described in a water study.

Call Public Utilities at 830-875-2469 to get a price quote on a new construction for your water infrastructure. Public Utilities works closely with the Permit Department and the Water Department to help you get your project going.

Luling Water Quality Report 2020
Luling Water Loss Report 2020
Ottine Water Quality Report 2020
Luling Water Quality Report
Ottine Water Quality Report 2019
Luling Water Quality Report
Ottine Water Quality Report 2018
Luling Water Quality Report 2017
Ottine Water Quality Report 2017

Prices are subject to change.
Water Tap Connections Fee Meter Cost
3/4 inch x 5/8 inch $450.00 included
1 inch $500.00 Call for pricing
1 1/2 inch $550.00 Call for pricing
2 inch $600.00 Call for pricing
3 inch $650.00 Call for pricing
4 inch $700.00 Call for pricing
6 inch $750.00 Call for pricing
Sewer Tap Connections Fee
4 inch $450.00
6 inch $500.00

Backflow Prevention Report

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