Building, Inspections, and Permits

Inspection Schedule

The City of Luling is partnered with Eleen Merritt, Inc.'s ATS Engineers.  ATS will conduct inspections and Plan Reviews for all residential and commercial construction.  Permits and inspections are required for the following work to include but not limited to: Structural, Electrical, Plumbing (Sewer, Water, and Gas), Mechanical (HVAC/AC/Heat), Roofing, and Fencing.  For new building, building additions and fencing a survey is required to pull a permit to ensure that all work being done is on your property and does not encroach on to surrounding property, City right of ways, and easements.All inspections must be scheduled by 4:00p.m. the day prior.  Inspections are Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Meter Loop inspections outside the listed scheduled days/times are for emergencies only.  Inspections are on a first come first serve basis, once the time slots are full you will be allowed to choose a different listed day.  If contractors and/or Masters need the inspector to be on-site you must request that at the time of scheduling.  If a cancellation is required and the inspector has already arrived and/or you have not called to cancel by 9:00a.m. the day of inspection you will be charged a re-inspection fee.All documents for Plan Submissions must be sent electronically to City of Luling Permit Clerk.  All scheduling and cancellations will be completed through City of Luling Permit Clerk.It is the responsiblity of the Contractor/Homeowner to ensure all files are submitted for plan reviews.  Please read the Checklist listed below for what is needed.


The Luling City Code of Ordinances is available here.​

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