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Luling Civic Center


Rental Contract - CC REV03.30.23


  1. Free Parking
  2. Additional Per Hour Rate ($75.00 Add-on)
  3. Chairs
  4. Clean Up Fee ($300.00 Add-on)
  5. Kitchen
  6. PA System Use & Set Up ($50.00 Add-on)
  7. Projector & Screen Use & Set Up ($50.00 Add-on)
  8. Restrooms
  9. Stage Use & Set Up ($75.00 Add-on)
  10. Tables
  11. Wifi

The total deposit amount ($700.00) and all rental fees must be paid in full by sixty (60) days prior to rental date for use of the facility. A portion of the deposit ($200) is required and due at the time of reservation to reserve the rental date.

Prior Day Setup: Set up and tear down for the Renter’s event must be done on the same day as the event, unless the Pavilion is rented for more than one day. However, if the Renter wishes to set up for the event on the day before the event (the “set up date”), and the set up date has not been reserved by another renter within fourteen (14) days of the Renter’s event, then the Renter may purchase the set up at that time and set up starting at or after 5:00 p.m. on the set up date after paying the fee amount listed above.

Vacating the Civic Center: The building must be cleared, cleaned and vacated, and the key returned to Dispatch, by midnight (or ending time if additional hours added) of the final rental date.

Additional Per Hour Rate: If the Civic Center is not cleared, cleaned and vacated, and the key returned to Dispatch, by midnight of the final rental date, then the additional hour rate ($100.00/hour), noted above, may be added to the amount due for Rent and deducted from the deposit refund.

 Deposit Refund: 
The Deposit due at time of reservation will not be refunded unless the Renter cancels the reservation for the use of the Pavilion at least six (6) months before the Renter’s event rental date. If the Renter leaves the Civic Center in good and clean condition, and returns the key to Dispatch on or before midnight of the final rental date, and all Rental Contract guidelines are followed, then the full deposit will be refunded, subject to the conditions listed in this Rental Contract.

Cancellation Policy: If Renter cancels the Rental Contract within sixty (60) days of the event date(s), Renter forfeits fifty percent (50%) of the total rental amount.

Security: Security is required for all events at the Civic Center, unless approval is granted by Luling Police Department. The Renter is responsible for contacting the Luling Police Department, at 830-875-5407, at least two weeks prior to the event to hire security officers. The minimum number of security officers for an event is one officer. Proof of security is required prior to the event. Failure to timely hire security for the event may result in cancellation of the event, or the City of Luling may schedule security officers and charge the Renter for the cost. If, during or after the event, it is determined that no Security was scheduled by Renter, the City may choose to withhold the refundable deposit. Security fees are $40-$60 per officer, per hour. The City of Luling reserves the right to require additional security officers to attend the event, depending on the type of event and number of attendees.

 Alcoholic Beverages: 
If alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed at the event, the Renter must purchase and furnish proof of Liquor Host Liability Insurance (purchase through for the event with the City of Luling as a named insured, at least 14 days before the event (email copy to If, during or after the event, it is determined that alcohol was in fact present on the premises at the event without proper insurance coverage, permits or licenses, the City may choose to withhold the refundable deposit.

Keys: All keys must be returned to Dispatch in envelope provided immediately after event upon departure. If a key is lost, misplaced or not returned, the Civic Center may be re-keyed, and the Renter will be responsible for all costs to re-key the building.

Parking: Parking is located in the paved parking lot next to the Civic Center. Do not park on the street in front of the Civic Center, which is a NO parking and towing zone.

Personal Items: The City of Luling is not responsible for Renters’, guests’ or invitees’ personal property that is lost, stolen or left behind. If found, left-behind property may be returned to the Renter at the expense of the Renter, guest or invitee.

 Condition of Property:
Any damage to the Civic Center or its furnishings caused by the Renter, her/his guests and/or invitees, is the Renter’s responsibility. All debris and garbage must be placed in the outside dumpsters at the side of the Civic Center at the end of the rental. The Renter shall pay all costs, up to and beyond the amount of the deposit(s), for damages, repairs and/or excessive clean-up related to the rental of the Civic Center.

Civic Center Grounds: No glass bottles (beer bottles), and no confetti or glitter, may be used in or on the Civic Center grounds. Broken glass, confetti and/or glitter that is found in the building or on the grounds will require removal at extra cost to the Renter. No double stick tape, tacks, nails, or screws allowed in or around building. Sparklers are not permitted, per City Ordinance; sparklers are classified as fireworks, no fireworks are allowed within the City limits.

Accidents, Injuries, Illness: The City of Luling and its officers, agents, employees, agents and servants are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs at the Civic Center due to the actions or behavior of the Renter, her/his guests, and/or invitees. By signing this Rental Contract, the Renter agrees that he/she, and her/his guests and/or invitees assume the risk of harm arising from their use of the Civic Center. For purposes of this Rental Contract, the Civic Center includes the structure(s), contents, and areas around the structures that are owned by the City of Luling.

By signing this Rental Contract, the Renter agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City of Luling and its officers, employees, agents and servants from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, costs, and attorney fees resulting from loss, damage, or injury arising from or caused by the Renter’s negligence or recklessness, or the negligence or recklessness of Renter’s guests or invitees.

Access: The City of Luling officers, employees, agents, and servants may access the Civic Center at any time. FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES, DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS TO ENTRANCES OR ROLLING DOORS from the inside OR the outside of the building. If maintenance or repair issues arise during the use of the Civic Center, please immediately notify Dispatch by calling 830-875-2411.

Red Cross Shelter: The Luling Civic Center is a designated Red Cross Shelter for the community. If a disaster occurs and it becomes necessary to use the Civic Center for that purpose, you will be told to relinquish the use and/or possession of the building and grounds.

Termination: The City of Luling may terminate this Rental Contract, evict the Renter and any or all guests and/or invitees, and retain the security deposit(s) in the event that (a) the Renter and/or a guest or invitee violates the law at the Civic Center, (b) unruly behavior at the event creates the risk of harm to a person or persons at the Civic Center, (c) unruly or negligent behavior at the event causes material damage to the Civic Center and/or its furnishings, (d) the Renter does not pay pursuant to this Rental Contract, or (e) the Renter overstays beyond the agreed upon departure date/time. This termination clause does not limit the amounts recoverable from the Renter for damages, repairs and/or clean up.


Please contact Phyllis Hillhouse by phone 830-875-5515 or Email Phyllis to check the availability for the Luling Civic Center. 

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